Monday, September 24, 2007

O.K.T.O.B.E.R.F.E.S.T 2007!

Now, as every Year, are two weeks of holy time in Bavaria, the Oktoberfest!
Every ugly Hobbit is running to catch some big glases of EXCELANT cold Beer!
So...we are one of them. This year staring Mr Uli Oesterle, Alexander Lozano, Benjamin von Eckertsberg, Chrischen and the lovely Tinni.
The first Day is a must for every munich Vigilant!
To catch on the first day one of the free Table´s is very difficult, so we come to the holly place veeeerry early in the morning, i think we was the first crazys there ....and when the doors are going open , the stampede is running inside must kill for a free Table!
Where are the fucxxx Toiletes?!

But first you must fight you way free!
And finaly survive this! :D